It was over 11 years since…

13 monthe ago I had my first flashback in over 11 years. It was almost as if I have been cured of my PTSD. I was naive to think that I was all better. I know now that can’t happen. He broke me from the start. I have not been a whole person since I was 5 years old.

My husband and I moved in together 11 years ago and he does not know about this. I can’t. bare the possibility of him thinking differently of me.

I am embarrassed that news coverage has sent me down this path. 13 months ago, I was able to say that I was going through a temporary bad patch. I can’t say that today and mean it.

There is a significant void in therapy resources for people with disabilities who are Homebound and do not have money. Sometimes it feels like I’m not supposed to seek help. I’m not supposed to tell anyone what happens to me.

I have wanted to post #metoo but I’m afraid for the people I know to read it.  At least I can say it here. #metoo 😦


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