I don’t know who to trust.

When the only father I’ve ever known took a small child’s innocence it changed everything. It did for me anyway. He took it from my husband, too. That can’t be fixed. You can’t just undo that. I don’t know who to trust. I’ve been hurt and betrayed so many times. Maybe it is too heavy a burden to care about someone who went through what I did.

I don’t know if what happened yesterday at Thanksgiving was inappropriate or if I’m being too sensitive but I can’t imagine this person meant to cause me to question whether what he did was ok. If he knew I felt this way he’d hate himself. Maybe I’m too sensitive. Maybe I’m overreacting. I feel terrible for feeling confused and sad. If someone told me that this happened to them, I’d be concerned. 

I’m so tired of pretending to be a complete person. Why is it that the only place I feel safe to say this is a public space?


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