Fail – self harm trigger

Tried not to. Reached out for support. Got ridiculed for doing so. Fuckitttttttt. Fuck fighting the urge. Fuck me. I annoy people. I post too much. I get it. I annoy me too. So fucking block me then. Fuckkkkkk. Fuck fighting these urges anymore!!!!!

Some people tell me to keep talking about it but I am sure many want me to stfu. I want to shut up. I’m waiting for something stronger to trigger me right off the fucking planet.

“You need help.” No fucking shit asshole!! I’ve only been screaming that for 2 bloody weeks.

I have a fucking appointment on Thursday. I’ve made the gidamn phone calls but he says I’m not doing anything proactive. Fuck you and fuck the weapon people like you used to make me crazy in the first place. I’m doing everything I fucking can given my disabilities!!! I’m so ready to give up. . .I try so hard. Obviously it doesn’t show. Fuckkkkll


4 thoughts on “Fail – self harm trigger”

  1. Dear Robynpi: Would it help to hold my hand? Or both hands? Where should I sit to make it comfortable for you? May I bring some comfort food? What works for you? TS

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  2. I hope you don’t harm yourself. You’re stronger than that. Sorry to hear that when you reached out you didn’t get what you need. Screw the people who are not supportive of what you’re going through. You have a right to be angry. I’m glad you have an appointment. Hopefully, that person will understand PTSD and will be able to help you.

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    1. Thank you. Idk why I got so upset. It still upsets me a bit. I have insecurities about this already. I was on a different app and I was posting a lot. But I blocked the guy. It just hit a pre-existing nerve. Ty

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