Things I told her

I had my first session…

I went with one goal. I needed to name him I needed to say who broke me. I told her it is my Dad.

I also told her it happened after school and that my mom knew.

I wasn’t going to name my brother cuz I don’t blame him. But I did. I just blurted it out that he did it too. I’m so confused cuz I know he loved me and he is only 4 years older. He was a kid too basically. I’m confused about if that counts. Heh It bothers me a lot so I guess it does.

I told her a lot more than I had planned. I have been feeling relieved but I’m kinda overwhelmed now.

I really like her though. And I don’t have to be all better in ten visits.


3 thoughts on “Things I told her”

  1. I’m so glad that you are now able to meet with someone! I hope you find confiding in a person who understands what you’ve been through to be healing. It’s so important to be able to put a voice to what you have experienced.

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  2. Dear Robynpi: I am a bit behind on posts, so just read about your worry yesterday about going. You did it! You are so brave, Robynpi. You went. And you told. So brave. Excellent work. And I am so glad you liked her – that’s so important. ANd – how smart of you to know you don’t have to fix everything in ten visits. You will just keep finding more of you. Love – TS

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