Wish I could tell her

Dear counselor I will see in 2 days,

I am sorry. I wish I could tell you I am sorry for wasting your time. I am unable to do the stuff people suggest. All I can think of is death. I am so sorry.


One thought on “Wish I could tell her”

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re in such a bad space. You are not wasting your counselor’s time. She is there for you if only to listen. Everything happens in our own time, at our own pace. Resistance is part of the process. It took a long time for me to start acting upon suggestions. I think most of it was due to fear. Once I did start doing some of the things suggested to me, things started to get better. Perhaps you can try just one thing – the simplest thing (though I know everything probably seems incredibly difficult)- and see what comes of it? You are in my prayers.

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