More nightmares

There is no rest for me. Flashbacks in the day and nightmares in my sleep. I can’t escape these memories. My stomach is in so much pain. I’m so overwhelmed. I’m so alone. I thought I would be better by now. This isn’t going away. I don’t know why I survived so much just to be disabled and homebound. I’m a burden on society. People in my country think I’m just a “taker” yet it is seen as unacceptable to give up. Trapped as a burden… Tortured by memories. I want to sleep forever…without any nightmares.


One thought on “More nightmares”

  1. I was like you. I used to beg the Universe to please not let me wake up in the morning. I was so tired of it all, so overwhelmed, so full of despair. I still get nightmares and flashbacks, but they have lessened in their intensity over time. I no longer feel so overwhelmed, and the despair left me a long time ago. I hope the same will be for you. Just know that there are people who love you and support you, even if it is just your fellow bloggers. We understand.


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