I tried

I waited for over 90 minutes on hold to talk with someone at rainn. I just needed someone who would listen but she wanted to give me grounding tips. Whatever. I really just needed someone to listen.

I wrote my friend a msg to let her know I’m struggling. She will see it when she sees it but really there is nothing she can do either. I’m so tired of trying. I really can’t take anything more.

One of the men who hurt me when I was homeless messaged me on facebook. I blocked him. But I’m not really ok. But I don’t know what that means or if it matters.


6 thoughts on “I tried”

  1. Damn! (here I go again, Robynpi!) The RAINN folks are supposed to be better than that. So sorry. It was very brave of you to reach out – and to wait SO LONG! And get Zippo. Yecch. And I can’t believe that Bad Guy tried you on FB – Jolly Good Show for blocking him. Please keep on writing here…. I am listening (and you can hear me cursing loudly.) TS

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