Chronic pain flares after counseling

Last night was my seventh counseling appointment at the rape crisis center and I have noticed a pattern. I think.

I have a long list of medical conditions… Many of them cause chronic pain.

Broken vertebrae T12 – 5 year bone scan still fractured.

Diabetic neuropathy in my legs, feet, arms, and hands

Carpal tunnel x2

Tendonitis in both elbows

Frozen shoulder

Bursitis in my knee

Arthritis -very early and mild

Plantar fasciitis x2


Spinal stenosis

Trigger finger x3

Chronic pelvic pain

I think that’s all of the pain stuff.

Every week that I’ve had peer counseling, I wake up with a bad flare the next day. I feel like my body is filled with poison and it is stinging my every nerve. I am currently tapering off my pain meds. It has been a long and difficult process. In 2012 I was on a 75mcg/hour fentanyl patch and 250 mg methadone daily. I’m currently on only 10 mg methadone a day. This is so hard but it is for the sake of my gastroparesis/nausea. (The nausea isn’t gone, but I don’t throw up every day anymore!).

Maybe this is unrelated. Maybe I’m wrong about this pattern but I don’t think so.

Some of the pain triggers icky memories… I told my counselor about this pelvic pain problem. Took me 4 failed tries and I finally told her. I’m kind of proud of myself for that but I’m embarassed to admit it.


4 thoughts on “Chronic pain flares after counseling”

  1. I had gastroparesis for nearly two years, vomiting daily. It healed; hopefully, yours will also. I was just entering some statistics into the book I am writing. It has been reported that adult survivors of child sexual abuse have significantly higher rates of physical complaints than those who do not have a history of abuse. I believe that abuse trauma is trapped in the body. It’s natural for you to have flare-ups when you’re trying to deal with it all. I think it’s great that you were able to tell your counselor about your pelvic pain. You should be proud of yourself! You’re doing amazing work!

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