I have tried…

I am probably done reaching out to anyone. Just keep venting here to strangers. People care… But I understand I’m a lot to handle. It’s cool. I really hope my body gives out soon. I’m in a living hell.


5 thoughts on “I have tried…”

    1. My anxiety… And the cutting. My friends have been in my life since childhood and through my many hospital stays and meth binges. I was doing good and happy and everyone was proud of me. They said it frequently. So I don’t really blame them for blowing me off. I’m so tired of me. Of life. It’s all fake.when people ask how someone is. I tried to be honest. So stupid. There’s nothing that anyone can do but listen. But nobody wants to or something.


  1. Please don’t give up reaching out to people, at least not here. You have a safe place here where people really do care about you and what you are going through. I don’t feel that we are strangers because I relate to many things you have experienced and are experiencing. It’s okay to vent. Everyone needs to. It’s not healthy holding such pain inside. Please stay with us. We are here for you.

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