I’m in too much pain. No one’s picking up the phone. Nobody ever picks up anymore. I can’t do this…


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  1. Whom do you want to pick up the phone, Robynpi?
    What is the “this” you can’t do?
    Is it Old Pain or New Pain or Both?
    Listening…… TS

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    1. A few of my friends. Also I got disconnected from the hotline. Painful memories. I can’t handle the thoughts anymore. I just need this to be over. I’m exhausted from life. Everyone says to stay strong but I’m too tired of memories. Ty.


  2. So sorry to see you suffering like this. If I remember correctly, you’re no longer working with a therapist? Sometimes churches have support groups for trauma survivors. If you can find one that does, support groups are great because everyone there knows what you’re going through and are more than willing to listen. I hope you feel some relief soon – without hurting yourself. My thoughts are with you.

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